Welcome to the Kent State University Pediatric Health and Stress Lab website.

Our pediatric psychology research focuses on obesity and weight management in children and adolescents. Within this domain, our research examines the following areas:

  1. The influence of stress on child and adolescent health promotion, including weight management.
  2. The role of parent and family influences in the promotion of healthy weight management and risk for pediatric obesity.
  3. Health disparities (e.g., low-income children, ethnic/racial minorities) in the context of pediatric obesity risk and intervention.
Our lab collaborates with child and adolescent weight management programs based in hospitals within the Akron and Cleveland areas. These collaborations are geared toward understanding factors that influence childhood obesity risk and intervention.

The Pediatric Health and Stress Lab is directed by Dr. Amy F. Sato within the Department of Psychology at Kent State University.

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